A quality that was captured through a live action of a whole century

1900 – 1922

   Pavlos Karras was the first technician of his season in Constantinople..

He held the foundry and he was making small brass objects and ecclesiastical chandeliers for Mount Athos

 1922 – 1950

 Transfer to Thessaloniki in much smaller area of the foundry in the area of Vardaris with partner the 17 year old then, the grandfather now Mr. Anastasios Michailidis. The activities with brass chandeliers, bells and various metal utensils continues, with result to be placed in large and central churches of Thessaloniki and Athos Mountain. 

1950 – 1980

 After the death of the leader P. Karras and weights reins of the company fall to Anastasios Michailides.

   With hard, serious and stable work, that marked the years of operation, Anastasios Michailides continued to adorn churches not only in Thessaloniki but in the whole Greece.

 1980 – 2006

   Anastios Michailidis’s son, Mr Dimitrios Michailidis, assumes the company and carrying out the facilities of the company in the wider area of the city of Thessaloniki, which is very evolving city over these years.

   The company gets an unprecedented development, creating a very powerful name in Greece and abroad with at least 500 exports in the world until today.

   The last 25 years has marked the company with development, important agreements, expansion of facilities and strategic partnerships .

2006 – 2012

   Dimitrios Michailidis’ son, Anastasion is invloved in the company with the support and the knowledge of his father and the huge experience of his grandfather.